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BlaBla fitness den bosch

for women, in english

Become healthier, happier – with the power of workouts!

Blabla fitness den boch for women

you don’t need a gym to get fit!

Bootcamps in Den Bosch

I moved to the Netherlands in the November of 2022. For a couple of month, I only did online trainings, then I stated my bootcamps in Den Bosch in a park.

I really enjoy the classes – especially because I feel that I can help expat women to became healthier, happier – and to make a great community for friendly, open hearted people!

You would like to have more attention? Someone, who help you reach your fitness goal? Contact me for outdoor personal training or ask for personal training at your home!

You prefer personal trainings, or you would like to train in a different time or place as the group fitness classes? Ask for personal training! You can ask for outdoor personal trainings, or we can work out at your home.

I am patient, friendly and professional. I will help you to reach your fitness goal: improve your general fitness, lose weight, get stronger, and so on. 🙂

Benefits of outdoor workouts

The benefits of outdoor workouts with Blanka

  • You can work out and get some fresh air at the same time!
  • With my equipment and fantasy, we can do so much more exercises then the gym!
  • Thanks to the strengthening and cardio exercises, you can increase your general physical fitness level, your strength and your speed!
  • You can work out with a friendly trainer and group! 😊
  • You can get new friends with us!

You don’t live nearby? Ask for online personal training!

You don’t need to be sad, if you live far from me – you can have online personal training as well!

This way we can train together save, and yet effectively, regardless on your location! Contact me and I will help you become the best version of yourself!

Be the best version of yourself with the power of workouts!