Online personal training

When I tell someone that I am a personal trainer, the first thing that usually comes to their mind is an image of a gym or a woman admiring her toned abs in the mirror. Although I have great respect for women with six-pack abs and have no issues with gyms, neither of these images truly represents me or my approach to training.

Online Personal Training

I work as an online personal trainer, which comes with numerous advantages and, of course, some drawbacks. As an online personal trainer, I am not tied to a specific location; I can work with you from anywhere! We can perform a wide range of functional exercise routines tailored to your preferences, abilities, and goals—without having to wait in line for a particular gym equipment.

The key benefits of online personal training are as follows:

  • You can train with me no matter where you live.
  • No need for special or costly equipment.
  • Time-saving: no need to travel to the gym, search for parking, etc.
  • Money-saving: I offer favorable personal training rates, so you don’t need to pay for a gym membership and transportation costs.
  • You can work out in the comfort of your home without being around others.
  • Although it’s online, I’ll be there to motivate and support you.
    I provide diverse workout routines, ensuring you never get bored!

Body & Mind Personal Training

Here’s something I haven’t shared with many people before: before I embarked on an active lifestyle, I struggled with low self-esteem and occasional mild depression for many years. Then, I started attending fitness classes, and my life changed. I learned to love, respect, and accept myself and to be patient with myself.

I became a personal trainer because I felt a calling—a dream—to someday help someone else, just as my beloved trainer and mentor helped me. To this day, I approach my training sessions with the intention of not only improving my clients’ physical fitness but also reducing their stress in their daily lives, helping them develop self-love and self-acceptance.

In fact, I dare say that feeling good in your own skin is one of the most important aspects. A healthy self-confidence and a balanced, cheerful personality are much more attractive than having a perfect body but an imbalanced soul!

I myself love functional training, corrective and therapeutic exercises inspired by BODYART. Perhaps that’s why my “favorite type of clients” (as most trainers have) are those ladies who are embarking on a lifestyle change while having sedentary jobs.

How does online personal training work?

I cannot give a one-size-fits-all answer to this question because the nature of online personal training is determined by the client. I tailor the workouts to your needs, goals, and capabilities. Some of my clients are enthusiastic about functional training, while others adore weightlifting. Some prefer individual BODYART or posture-improvement classes. Personal training is not just for “gym-goers”; it’s for everyone who wants to improve their health and fitness—or simply move effectively a few times a week. These are individual sessions tailored to the client’s needs, where I focus solely on you.

What happens after you contact me?

Once you reach out to me through the contact form, we’ll arrange a time for a free fitness assessment and a little chat where you can tell me about yourself, your lifestyle, and your goals. This session is entirely free and comes with no obligations! If, after our conversation, you decide to start working with me, that’s fantastic. If not, there’s absolutely no problem at all. 😊

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