Outdoor personal training

Would you like to have personal trainings outdoor? Are you looking for a friendly, patient trainer, who will help you reach your fitness goals? Would you like to loose some bodyweight? Do some strength training? Be happier and healthier? Or “just” boost your confidence? Contact me!

We can have outdoor training anywhere, anytime you would like!

Just say the word and I am on my way! We can have outdoor personal training sessions anywhere in Den Bosch (or in the service are of ‘s-Hertogenbosch)! We can have a workout in a local park, or your place – anywhere you would like!

I will bring the fitness equipment, so you don’t need to worry about anything! Just focus on your training, become healthier, happier with the help of workouts!

My main goals is help my clients to grow love themself – to build bigger self-confidence, accept themself just the way their are – because in my eyes, every clients of mine is amazing, unique and valuable!

Why you should choose me as your outdoor personal trainer?

  • You can work together with a kind, cheerful and patient professional personal trainer!
  • It will boost your confidence!
  • I will help you reach your goals!
  • The first time is always free! At this occasion we will have a consultation, a fitness assessment and a small train, and after it you are free to decide if you want to start the work or not! You are free of obligations!
  • There will be a lot of varied exercises – you will never get bored with me!
  • Unlike the bootcamps, I can totally adjust my client’s needs and wishes. We can have a one-to one outdoor training when, and where it fit’s you. The program will suit your goals and your body’s needs.

The benefits of outdoor trainings:

  • Training outdoors can be more pleasant then a gym, especially of you are shy.
  • If you training outside you can have some fresh air and a workout at the same time!
  • An outdoor location can be more comfortable, because you don’t have to commute – you just choose a close park and we will meet up there!
  • With my equipment we can do more varied exercises!

What will happen, if you contact me?

First we will set an appointment. This first occasion is always free and also, free from obligations. It will take about 60-80 minutes.

First, we are going to talk about you, your goals and wishes, your lifestyle and these kind of things. Then I will go over your medical history.

Then we are going to do a fitness assessment (don’t worry about this, it wont be hard or scary!). I will do a few measurement, I will exam your posture and these kind of things.

After this, we will do a small (30-40 minutes long) test train, so you can have a nice training experience, and also you can see what kind of trainer I am and so you can be sure about if you want to start working with me. 🙂

How long is a outdoor personal training session? 

The personal training sessions will usually take around 60-75 minutes. We will meet the training location (of your choice), then we warm up a bit and then we start! What will we do? It will depend on your goals, your fitness level, and of course, even on your mood! As a women personal trainer I know that some day we cannot workout as usual. In these cases, we need to accept our bodies and adjust the excercizes to that. 

Would you like to have outdoor training with your friend or partner? No problem at all! You can train with a discounted price!

Outdoor personal training prices

I want to try it!

1 occasion personal training ticket

Free fitness condition survey

60-75 minutes trainings

A great way to try the trainings with me!

Let’s get startin’!

5X personal trainer pass

Free fitness condition survey

22 EUR / training

Personal training pass without a commitment

Like a pro!

10X personal trainer pass

Free fitness condition survey

20 EUR / training

For those, who grow to love the trainings!