Personal training at your home

Would you like to have personal trainings at your home? Contact me! I am a certified, skillful personal trainer, specialized for women workouts and posture improvement!

Personal trainings at your home

Would you like to reach your goals, but you don’t like gyms? Contact me and I will visit you at your home at the time of your choose!

For me, every client is unique, interesting and valuable. My biggest purpose is to help my clients to get to love themself, reach their goals and became happier.

The benefits of home personal trainings:

  • You can train affectively with a professional personal trainer
  • With personal trainings at home, you can train with me even if you feel tense if there are people around you!
  • You don’t need to commute, so you can save time and money at the same time!
  • It’s more affordable then go to a gym!
  • You don’t need to buy fitness equipment’s: I will brought it to you!

Body & Mind Personal Training

I don’t mind, if you are a beginner. It doesn’t bother me, if I will show and explain the exercises over and over again! I will be there to help you. Not just become thinner or more toned.

I will help you to grow to love yourself. To have more self-confident, to be happier, and healthier. There is no such thing for me, as “lame ” or weak. I will respect you, because you had the strength and willpower to decide: you are changing your life!

I will listen you, if you want to talk about something. I will motivate you, if you feel you will run out of willpower. I will watch over you so you can do the exercises safely, but affectively!

How does personal training at home work?

First, when you contact me, we will set an appointment. The first occasion is always free.

We will do a consultation. We are going to talk about your goals, your lifestyle and about your health history. Then we will do a fitness assessment.

After this, we going to do a “test workout”, so you can see if I am a right fit for you as a personal trainer. This first occasion free of obligations, you can decide after it if you want to start the work with me or not! 🙂

Price list of the personal trainings at home

I want to try it!

1 occasion personal training ticket

Free fitness condition survey

60-75 minutes trainings

A great way to try the trainings with me!

Let’s get startin’!

5X personal trainer pass

Free fitness condition survey

22 EUR / training

Personal training pass without a commitment

Like a pro!

10X personal trainer pass

Free fitness condition survey

20 EUR / training

For those, who grow to love the trainings!